Restaurant of the Week: Hell’s Kitchen

Saints will be begging to become sinners when they get a taste of what’s served in Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen at Harrah’s Resort Southern California.

Based on the hit reality competition cooking show, the devil is truly in the details at the largest Hell’s Kitchen location to date. The dining space is adorned with sparkling pitchfork-shaped chandeliers across the ceiling and a large mosaic representing Hell’s Kitchen’s signature fire and ice teams covers the back of the sprawling open kitchen. The theme is thoughtfully and playfully embodied right down to the pitchfork cocktail skewers and bathroom signs. Dining at Hell’s Kitchen SoCal, located at Harrah’s Resort Southern California in Funner, is a thrilling experience for fans and foodies alike.


The specialty cocktails are a religious experience all their own. We started with the Meet Your Maker, cheekily named for its use of Maker’s Mark bourbon. Domaine de Canton–which tastes of ginger, honey and vanilla–mint, apple, strawberry and cinnamon are added to create a deep mixture of sweetness and spice. The Notes from Gordon cocktail is Hell’s Kitchen SoCal’s message in a bottle. Plymouth dry gin, green tea, lemongrass, peach and lemon intermingle to create an exquisitely light, crisp and refreshing drink topped with something that raises a little hell. Tucked in the cocktail skewer is a note that reads: “This chicken is so undercooked that a skilled vet could still save him,” signed Gordon Ramsay. It feels like he is right there with us.

Fans of the iconic show likely hear Ramsay screaming the phrase “It’s RAW!” in their nightmares. For the uninitiated, Ramsay is referring to Hell’s Kitchen’s infamous scallops. We are happy to report that the scallops at Hell’s Kitchen SoCal are cooked to perfection and were devoured promptly. We also ordered the wagyu meatballs, which are extremely moist and flavorful and certainly rival those at some of the best Italian restaurants.


When it comes to entrees, you absolutely have to order the Beef Wellington. While it has English roots that likely honor Arthur Wellesley, the first Duke of Wellington, there is no proven connection between the two. We’d be willing to argue that Ramsay has made Beef Wellington more popular than the duke ever did! A steak filet is coated with pate and mushroom duxelles before it is wrapped in puff pastry and baked. The result is a medium-rare steak in a crispy crust that melts in your mouth. The Beef Wellington is served with red wine demi-glace, glazed root vegetables and a smooth and creamy potato puree that’s so good you won’t want to leave one morsel on the plate. Hell’s Kitchen is also famous for its crispy skin salmon, which is a great way to make full use out of the delicious fish. We’d like to give an honorable mention to the baked macaroni and cheese, as well. Made with smoked gouda and topped with crispy prosciutto, the macaroni and cheese is the definition of sinful decadence.

Devil’s food cake doesn’t hold a candle to Hell’s Kitchen SoCal’s sticky toffee pudding. Rich yet fluffy, the sticky toffee pudding is a sponge cake made with dates and covered in a toffee sauce. The accompanying dulce de leche ice cream will rock your world.


Hell’s Kitchen SoCal is open Monday through Thursday, 4 to 9 p.m.; and Friday through Sunday, 4 to 10 p.m. For more information about Hell’s Kitchen SoCal, visit www.harrahssocal.com/dining/hells-kitchen.

777 Harrah’s Rincon Way
Funner, CA 92082

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