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Bar CDMX Now Open in Downtown Los Angeles

The heart of Mexico City has arrived on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles with the opening of Bar CDMX. This hidden gem pays homage to the music, art and subculture of Ciudad de Mexico within the walls of a secret basement bar.

Beneath the Seven Grand in Downtown Los Angeles, the newly opened basement bar is marked by a red neon sign that reads “Bar CDMX” and a glowing pair of broken glasses, symbolizing the bar’s mantra: “What you can’t see, can’t hurt you.” The concept behind Bar CDMX has been years in the making, drawing inspiration from the Pouring With Heart hospitality group’s personal experiences living and traveling throughout Latin America.

General Manager Travis Baetz recalls, in a press release, “While visiting Mexico City during Tales of the Cocktail, we spent evenings exploring the popular watering holes. Whether sipping concoctions with still burning cinnamon sticks at Xaman Bar or enjoying way too much mezcal at my personal favorite, El Palenquito, we were met with such a rich warmth of welcoming that was so refreshing to experience. It’s that same warmth and electrifying energy that we want to bring home to Los Angeles to help spread the culture and beauty that is CDMX.”

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Designed by Jared Meisler, a close collaborator with the Pouring With Heart group, Bar CDMX captures the architectural essence of Mexico City, evoking the feeling of stumbling upon a hidden gem in the Mexican capital. Art prints by Mexican graffiti artist Beo Hake are hung on the wall, complementing the simple wood booths and stools that showcase Victorian woodwork. Surrounded by greenery, a pool table takes center stage, while Spanish versions of classic arcade games add a nostalgic touch.

Lead Bartender Dante Chaves from Oaxaca has spent a significant amount of time in Mexico City and is passionate about bringing its authentic taste to Los Angeles. The cocktail menu mirrors the ingredients found in Mexico City, offering a refreshing, fruit-forward drink selection with an emphasis on rum, agave-based spirits and Mexican whiskeys. The menu includes draft cocktails like the Mezcal Paloma and Tropic Thunder, along with classics such as the Mango Mezcal Margarita, Carajillo and Pineapple Caipirinha. Caribbean and Latin beers are featured, among other options from local breweries. Bar CDMX also offers daily happy hour specials from 3 to 8 p.m., with $2 off cocktails and beer.

For more information, visit

515 W. 7th St.
Los Angeles, CA 90014

Photo credit: Nicolas Osuna

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