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Mountain Towns California

5 Cutest Mountain Towns in California

When you think of California, you probably imagine a beachy, West Coast escape comprised of surfing towns and relaxed hotspots. And while the state is, in fact, abundant in both of those things, California is also home to a wide variety of cozy, mountain towns settled within some of the state’s most complex mountain ranges.

Cozy Places to Visit in Carmel by the Sea, California

Coziest Places to Visit in Carmel

English-style architecture concepts, quaint shops and a refreshingly small community, has garnered a reputation for being the West Coast’s answer to Europe’s historic charm. Whether you’re traveling through on your way up the coast or hoping to stay a little longer, there are plenty of cozy, can’t-miss spots to prioritize on your visit. Here are a few of the coziest places to visit in Carmel.