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Fabulous People: Glen Tinsley

Executive Chef Glen Tinsley heads up the culinary department at Laguna Beach’s La Casa del Camino hotel, overseeing both Rooftop Lounge and Comedor. “I’ve created a refreshed menu that captures the best of California cuisine while incorporating locally sourced ingredients, including locally-caught fish.” Learn about Chef Glen Tinsley…

Hometown: Orange County, CA

First jobs: I first worked as a box boy at Rod’s Liquor in Lake Forest and then later on at Big Mike’s Texas BBQ, also located in Lake Forest. 

Favorite ways to spend your free time in CA: In my free time, I enjoy fishing, beaching and relaxing with a little gardening or farming. I keep it pretty simple. 

Your biggest accomplishments and why: My accomplishments have never been of much importance to me. I do what I do and whatever recognition comes is great, though recognition or self-recognition has not been that important to me over the years. 

The biggest obstacles you overcame: The biggest obstacles I’ve had to overcome would be learning who to partner with and work alongside, whether that be with them or for them. 

Someone who inspires you both and why: Those who inspire me are young, up-and-coming cooks that put hard work into their culinary career while being willing to learn the craft and techniques of cooking. This business requires a lot of tough work and determination, and it’s hard to find genuine and talented individuals that are truly passionate about this industry. You will never become a good chef unless you become an excellent cook first. 

Advice to someone pursuing a career path in what you do: My advice to someone looking to work in culinary is to work in a kitchen for five years before committing to the career. It gives a person enough time to decide whether or not they want to do the job professionally. If you’re still interested, I recommend using whatever funds you might use for culinary school and traveling to Europe instead to get experience working in as many Michelin kitchens as possible. One, two, three stars– doesn’t matter as long as you work hard. You’ll receive the best education that way. Titles are free. 

Favorite quote: “Skills can be taught. Character you either have or you don’t.” –Anthony Bourdain

Something someone would be surprised to learn about you: I love fishing more than I like cooking! 

What makes someone fabulous: Being fabulous is someone else’s opinion about you and my definition would be someone or something that is hard to believe, who’s incredible, or legendary– similar to perfection. I believe these people are those who do amazing things by attempting to achieve perfection, which in truth, no one can do. But it’s the effort and hard work on the way there that makes someone fabulous. 

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