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Francesco Zimone

Fabulous People: Francesco Zimone

Restaurateur Francesco Zimone is the CEO of L’Antica Pizzeria da Michele, a famous Naples restaurant that Zimone brought to Hollywood. “I designed and built Antica Hollywood with the idea of providing guests with an experience that is transcendent and real at the same time.

Manna kadar

Fabulous People: Manna Kadar

Manna Kadar is the founder and CEO of Manna Kadar Cosmetics (MKC), a family of six lifestyle brands including Manna Kadar Beauty, Goddess by Manna Kadar, Beauty and the Bump, Haute Dog luxury pet products, Mason Man Skincare and Manna Kadar Luxe Bath and Body. Not only does MKC boast uncompromising ethics and timeless products, but it gives back by donating 10 percent of its annual profits to philanthropic organizations.

huria's beet

Restaurant of the Week: Huria’s

Adriana and Mohaimen Huria, with a taste for fine fresh food, a keen eye for design and a heart for adventure, run Huria’s restaurant and catering company out of Bodega Bay. The couple ventured to Northern California in 2017 with eyes on starting fresh—both for their creative spirits and for their food concept.